Why Choose Us

• We Are Fully Committed To You. Making sure you are properly covered by your insurance is very important. It can cost you money and stress if there are gaps in coverage resulting from being over or underinsured.

Therefore, one of my goals is to ensure that your insurance coverage will protect everything you have worked so hard for.

As a first step toward that protection, it is important for me to learn about your goals and needs so that I can make the proper insurance recommendations. Accordingly, I offer a Free review of your current insurance situation and any policies you may have.

So when you buy insurance from us, you can feel secure that we will provide you with the right kinds of coverage for all your needs – at the fairest prices possible.

• Save On Premiums. As a one-stop source for a wide range of insurance, we can offer you coverages for almost every Personal and Business need you may have, including Health, Landlord, Collector Car, and even Short Term Rentals for Airbnb type situations.

Because we work with a collective group of A-rated insurance carriers, we can find the most competitive rates and coverage for our clients’ particular needs. And, there are no broker fees associated with our services.

Additionally, if we bundle/combine your policies for home and auto, you will save a significant amount of money.

• We Make Insurance Easy-to-Understand. Since your insurance needs depend on your financial goals, how you want to protect your assets, and providing for your family – analyzing your options and purchasing the proper insurance can be overwhelming.

Because of that, I want to make it easy for you. My team and I simplify the process to help you understand how your policies work and exactly what they cover.

• Our Experience Benefits You. My insurance career spans over ten years. I was trained by some of the top companies in the industry where I learned from the best, and became a trainer myself. I spent over seven years with a major insurance company, training new agents in systems and products.

As a result, I make sure that our agents receive continuous training about insurance products, the insurance market, and updated laws.

What that means for you is that our deep knowledge of insurance products allows us to focus on your unique needs, sift through all the insurance products, and ultimately find the best solutions for you.

• We Have Happy Clients. Collective Insurance Solutions has hundreds of satisfied clients. That cannot happen unless an agent creates trusting relationships. The way I have done that is by treating my clients with the same respect and care I want from a company. That approach guarantees you will get only the best, most personalized service from us.

I know there are many insurance companies or agents you can choose from. It is not easy deciding who you can trust to protect your assets and your family from the unexpected.

But I trust you will select my agency because I know there is no one-size-fits-all insurance coverage. So my promise to you is that my team and I will guide you through the process to help find the ideal coverages for your specific situations – now and in the future.

Connie Sandoval
Broker / Owner

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